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Instructions for Form 2553Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service(Rev. December 2017)Election by a Small Business Corporation Section references are to the Internal Revenue Code unless otherwise
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you look it you know box a page one and like I encourage you to do us client show me you 2553 till we stay respond whats that right and it happens okay and when it happens part of the struggle we face the stacks people when we get an answer to a question theres a whole lot of material we go through whether its the statute regulations or 100 years and judicial precedent administrative ruling sometimes finding the proper authority is like looking for a needle in a haystack well when that I tells you whats the 2592 we dont have an s election on file you can cut research time down because where you want to go is red park 2013 dash 30 for 30 years now the IRS has released the steady strength of automatic late relief procedures why because s elections are late all the time all right it just happens more than you can imagine and thats why I like I said you want to ask for that because once they say whats that I dont know what a 2553 is we just thought we had to file a form 1120s now you got your work cut out and what you do is you go straight through Red Rock 2013s there and this is your one-stop shop ok not just for late s elections but late q sub elections into uh 60 elections and evenly check the box elections that are concurrent with an s election but its pretty favorable and what it says here is that you can make a late s election as much as three years in 75 days and the effective date that you wanted so were sitting here now January 15 that means we have until March 15 15 to make a late s collection for clients for about 11 2012 its pretty nice to have in my pocket now obviously certain requirements have to be back number one you always have to be eligible to be an escort for the period that you want to make the Labour leader theyre not going to give you a relief for a period or ineligible to you have to always be finally 1120s right this isnt late relief to go back and change 1120 movember thatll be five years 11 20s and three your hole which had to be fine as if you were 11 comments but if you meet those requirements go back to 11 2000 and it tries to make it easy on us by saying we could actually just attach the 2553 to our 2014 return repair project so say we wanted to go back to 11 12 we could attach the return for a 2014 return rather than have to follow it separately that sounds low but whats the problem when is our 2014 return to be due for a count of your escort march with you but what if we extend it instead we file an egg or august-september does that extend your three years and 75 days we have to go back and make the latest election and the answers you know so theres a major trap there where the Red Rocks edge and attach it to your return but understand if you extend your return yawn March 15 2015 and you dont first file with 2553 independently if its going to happen when you attach it to that return after March 15 is youre going to have lost 2012 and now youre only going to be able to 11 2013 so if you want to test your turn great...